well luckily my heart is healthy, but the anxiety that’s causing my heart palps is still hitting me hard. i have a decision to make really soon and i’ve talked to several people about it but i’m just gonna see how the rest of my week goes. things have been really hard the past couple weeks. last week especially was horrible. last night wasn’t good either. it’s nights like these that make me think, yes, i do need more help. i felt like i relapsed and it’s hard to get back up. i’ve just been so unnaturally exhausted and i haven’t been able to focus on things as much as i’d like to. i’m barely a month into school and i already need a vacation. i miss the beach. on the bright side, my english teacher loved every single word of my senior speech. also, my birthday is next week! yay. i think it’ll be fun. i hope everyone else is having a good week. 



I have


no idea

what you’re

talking about


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I love that they have more laugh lines on the same side of their face… ^___^

they are twins

Ya don’t say?? We all know they’re identical, even though they’re not mirroredand being twins does not mean having more laugh lines on the same side of their face :p just sayin’

But these ones do. And their pretty lines look the same.

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